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작성일 : 12-04-09 19:56
English Information
 글쓴이 : 한국산삼
조회 : 52,149  
Special product recommended by governor of


 This product is manufactured to fit the modern human with the nature's dispensation. 
I have been together with the mountains for 20 years to learn and  tudyo produce                                                                                
wild ginseng liquor with providence nature to fit for modern humans long life with
pursuing wellbeing and over to LOHAS.

With the breath of 1500years of Baek-Jae dynasty, and wild ginseng liquor "Geum-Su-Gang-San"
brewed by clear water of nation's spiritual mountain Gae-Ryong mountain -, Feel the taste
of whole wild ginseng known for its quality as worlds spiritual plant & legendary herb
Thank you very much

Agricultural corporation Korean ginseng [ltd] CEO
Introduction of Gae-Ryong mountain San-Yang wil ginseng liquor.

First the wild ginseng has been scattered around over 400m up in Gae-Ryong mountain or transplanted the baby wild ginseng in the open pollination state of high mountains to be used as base material for making healthy wellbeing liquor,
and bottled the whole ginseng to keep its original flavor and taste
◆Product's characteristics.

It is region's specialty product that's recommended by governor of Chung-Nam
and it is being exported to German, and other Southeast asia, also it is being sold at the In-Cheon international airport duty free shops as the representative of Korean liquor.
This product is 100% real, not like other products that has been added with culture roots or concentrations.
This is wine with heaven's blessing with it's unique flavor and taste brought by using ginseng grown in over 400m up in the mountain of Gae-Ryong and in open pollination state of high mountains.

◆Product specifications
Type: Common distilled liquor
Trademark: Mt. Gyeryong  Wild Ginseng Liquor
Raw material: 100%  wild ginseng undiluted solution
Amount: 740ml. 375ml
Proof Spirit: 21%, 40%
Production: Agricultural Corp. International Korea Sansam Co., Ltd


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